49er ID Card

Norm holding a 49er ID Card

In addition to your meal plan, both the 49er Account and the Optional Dining Account reside on your Charlotte 49er ID Card. Simply make a deposit and the accounts are instantly activated! Compare accounts

Deposit to 49er and ODA accounts

A 49er ID card allows access to:

  • Campus housing
  • Campus activities and programs
  • Athletic events and recreational facilities
  • Computer labs
  • Student Health Center

The 49er ID card also serves as a:

  • Meal plan card
  • Library card
  • Secondary credential for parking

And holds funds for:

  • 49er Account
  • Optional Dining Account (ODA)

To get a 49er ID card, you'll need:

  1. To be registered for classes
  2. One valid proof of identification such as a driver's license, state issued ID or passport
  3. Proof of university status such as acceptance letter, class schedule or tuition bill
  4. Student ID number that begins with 800 or 801 (assigned at acceptance; appears on the acceptance letter)

Center City Building: To have your photo taken at CCB you must schedule an appointment by calling 704-687-1512. Appointments are typically available weekdays until 2:00 p.m. Students may also visit the Meal Plans/49er Card Office located in the Auxiliary Services Building or the ID Card Office located in Popp Martin Student Union, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

49er ID Cards now have contactless technology

Contactless card iconThe 49er ID Card contains a chip within that allows for tapping at card readers, indicated by this icon. Most point-of- sale registers allow for tapping, as do many residence halls.

49er ID Cards include two sets of numbers: one that identifies the card and one that identifies the person to whom the card belongs. The nine-digit number that appears under the barcode is your permanent UNC Charlotte ID number. It begins with 800 or 801 and is linked to your University records. This number does not change and will be the one you use most.

The 16-digit card number is a secure numerical standard that links each card transaction to you. The number will change if the card is ever replaced.

Do not punch or drill a hole in your 49er ID Card

This may damage the chip and cause the contactless feature to stop working. If you choose to punch holes in your card, you are responsible for the cost of replacement ($20.00) if it no longer works.