49er ID card required to park in gated areas this summer

Date Published: 
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Soon, you will need your 49er ID card to access gated parking decks and lots. Parking permissions are now linked to the 49er ID cards.

Gated decks and lots are getting new license plate recognition technology (LPR) equipment. Until installation and calibration is complete, your new 49er ID card will be the only way you can enter and exit the gated decks and lots where your permit allows you to park*. Tapping your card at a contactless reader will raise the gates for entry and exit. Look for signs at deck and lot entrances that indicate when the ID card requirement will begin. After the new system is fully operational, you should still keep your 49er ID card with you to prompt gates if LPR ever fails to read your plate.

Unclear on how license plate recognition and virtual permits will function? Watch this short video:

Additional information: Why the change?Virtual Permit FAQ

Questions? Call the PaTS Communication Center (open weekdays, 24 hours): 704-687-0161 or email pats@uncc.edu

*If you have not yet picked up your new 49er ID card, please do so right away. Visit the 49er ID Card Office, located in the Auxiliary Services Building.