Auxiliary Services News

January 25, 2017

A sweet way to send love and greetings from Niner Nation! 

Image of "Norm as Cupid" and "Norm in LOVE Sweater" illustrated postcards

REPROS Copy Center, Union Station, and Mail & Package Services have Niner Nation Valentine's Day postcards available, free for the asking, while supplies last. REPROS and Mail & Package Services are located on the lower level of Prospector building; Union Station is on the main level of the student Union.

  • Limit 4 per person, please
  • Both Mail & Package Services and Union Station have postcard stamps for purchase
  • Union Station is also taking balloon orders for February 14. Themed mylar balloons and balloon bouquets are available

Print and cut Valentines

Image of print-and-cut Norm ValentinesHere's a icon indicating PDF file PDF for those who want print-and-cut Valentine messages to give away personally. Great for school kids and little 49ers! 


January 9, 2017

CRI Campus just got smarter!

A Smart Market self-checkout retail spot has opened in room 1209 of the EPIC building. What makes it smart? It's filled with fuel that thinking people need, like fresh coffee brewed by the cup, snacks, energy and soft drinks, grab-and-go meals and sandwiches. And it's powered by infrared, thumbprint recognizing, multi-camera technology to make shopping simple and secure (and very cool). Over 300 products are available, whenever the building is open.

"I'm extremely excited to have a Smart Market here," said Rick Torres, vending program manager for UNC Charlotte Auxiliary Services. "Student and staff requests and our own surveys indicated both desire and need for a quick service food and beverage venue on the CRI-side of campus. And because so many people work in labs at off-hours and late at night, the concept would ideally need to accommodate them, too. Smart Market is a perfect fit!" 

Photo of Smart Market vending area Photo of Starbucks Coffee brewing machine in Smart Market

How Smart Market works  

  • Use a credit or debit card at the main kiosk or at any door. Just swipe and start shopping! Your cart will follow you throughout the entire shopping trip, going from one cooler door to the next until you’re ready to check out.  As selections are made, the system tracks the items you pick up using patented infrared technology, displaying your shopping cart at each door. Adding items to the cart does not commit you to buy; there's plenty of time to browse and change your mind. The system only charges for items that you take away.
  • Once your shopping is complete and choices are collected, visit the main kiosk to review your order, print a detailed receipt, or simply walk away. Each transaction closes out within sixty seconds.
  • If you prefer to pay with cash or plan to visit Smart Market often, create an account at the kiosk or online at There, you will be able to access transaction history, make account updates or add funds online at any time. When shopping, you will be able to use your fingerprint, account card, QR code via the mobile app, or your username.

More about EPIC's Smart Market  

  • Offers snacks, drinks and meals, including more nutritious options
  • Starbucks premium coffee, ground and brewed fresh by the cup 
  • The 49er Account (which resides on the UNC Charlotte 49er ID card) will be available to use in the near future.
  • Video about the Smart Market concept here

Torres is pleased to say that EPIC's Smart Market is among the first of its type to be installed on a college campus. During the first few weeks of operation, it will be serviced daily and data will be gathered about what items are most popular and which items need replenishing less often. "If users have requests for specific items, I invite them to let me know," says Torres. "Smart Market is a new model that has potential to evolve and adapt to the community it serves in ways far superior to standard vending concepts." (Email

Photo of stakeholders at January 10, 2017 ribbon cutting for Smart Market

Ribbon cutting for Smart Market was held Tuesday, January 10. From left: Ana Alvarez, Auxiliary Services Director; Nick Taylor, Canteen Vending Services; Lee Anderson, Canteen; Keith Wassum, Business Services Associate Vice Chancellor; Drew Averitt, Business Services, Bev Guessford, EPIC; Robin Moose, EPIC; Rick Torres, Auxiliary Services.

December 1, 2016

Relaxed enforcement is in effect Thursday, Dec. 8 through Sunday Jan. 8.

What the means specifically is that:

  • Permits are still required to park
  • Meters are enforced
  • Visitor deck fees must be paid

Any semester or year-long permit is valid 24/7

  • Two-Day permits are valid 7 days per week
  • Night permits are valid at any time

Any valid permit may park in any non-reserved student space

  • Commuter permits may park in Resident and Greek spaces
  • Resident permits may park in Commuter and Greek spaces
  • Greek permits may park in Commuter and Resident spaces
  • Faculty/Staff permits may park in any student space including Lot 16
  • Lot 6A and Lot 27 permits may park in any student space
Temporary (daily) permits are valid ONLY for the days purchased.
Permits are not enforced on weekends after 10:00 PM Friday until 5:00 AM Monday and when the PaTS Call Center is closed.

Reminder about loading and unloading

For short term parking by a building to carry something in or out, call the PaTS Call Center at 704-687-0161. Give your vehicle information and location. You'll be given some direction and 15 minutes to park.

PaTS Call Center line has someone available to help you 24/5 (weekdays from 5:00 AM continuously through 10:00 PM Friday). When in doubt, ASK, please!

Graduating or leaving the University?

Your full-time permit is still worth money! Turn it in to the Parking and Transportation Services office for a partial refund.  Here’s the link to the refund policy and schedule.

Do not sell your permit to another student. UNC Charlotte parking permits may only be bought through PaTS.  Permits are registered to a specific person and vehicle. Selling a permit to someone to whom it’s not registered may subject you and them to fines and other penalties.

Leaving your car on campus over winter break?

A quiet campus can provide criminals with opportunity to strike cars parked in isolation. That's why Lt. Brian Thomas of Campus Police suggests that anyone who is leaving a car on campus over any or all of the break park in Lot 25 over by the Police and Public Safety building and North Deck. There will be a two-story observation tower there and your car will be within sight-line of working officers.  


  • Call the PaTS Call Center, 704-687-0161
  • or email
  • We're also on Twitter, @unccparking.

Photo from early 1970's of Cone Deck upper level parking after a snow

Photo: upper level Cone Deck after a snow from early 1970's. The Atkins Library Tower looked a bit dfferent then!

November 9, 2016

There have been recent reports of near-miss accidents and some passengers misunderstanding where the buses may stop. 

Photo of shuttle buses on Craver Rd., with students standing at stops and crossing at crosswalk

Please remember

  • There's a reason why the audio recording says, "Please, do not cross in front of the bus." Unlike school buses, traffic is not required to halt in both directions for municipal buses. Oncoming traffic continues; cars behind a bus may go around and pass.
  • The only time it's OK to cross in front is when the bus is stopped at a traffic light. Even then, use caution and look both ways.
  • Shuttle drivers are only allowed to pick up passengers at marked stops. They are not permitted to pick up or drop off anywhere other than a designated bus stop. (So don't yell at or act snarky to drivers who don't heed your signal to stop. They are following the rules of their job.)
  • NEVER run after or alongside a moving bus once it has left its stop. Take a breath and wait for the next one. The UNCCNextRide app will show you where the next bus is and when it's expected to reach your stop.

More tips

  • Never assume a bus driver sees you. Lampposts, newsstands, sun glare and parked vehicles can obscure driver view.
  • If you bike-n-ride, always approach the bike rack from the curb. When disembarking, let the driver know that you will be removing a bike from the bumper rack.
  • Don’t cross the street between parked cars. 
When you walk between parked cars into traffic, you might not be visible to drivers.

Basic rider etiquette

  • Wait until exiting passengers have stepped off the bus before boarding.
  • Place backpacks on your lap or on the floor, taking care not to create tripping hazards near the aisle.
  • During peak ridership times, slide over so someone can sit on the aisle-side without having to ask.
  • When capacity reaches standing room, move toward the back of the bus so there’s room for others to get on. It's possible to get two lines of people down the aisle of CATS commuter buses.
  • Simple courtesies and an occasional “excuse me,” and “thank you,” go a long way to making the ride more pleasant for everyone.

For questions about campus shuttle service or to report a problem

  • Helena Connors is the transportation manager for Parking and Transportation Services and serves as the operations liaison with Charlotte Area Transit. Here's how to reach her:; 704-687-0279.
  • Charlotte Area Transit customer service: or 704-336-7433
  • The CATS See Something, Say Something App allows you to report things like disruptive behavior, suspicious activity, etc.
  • Tweet @unccparking or @unccnextride
  • Lost and found: Leave something on a campus shuttle bus? All found items are taken to Charlotte Area Transit Lost and Found. Call 704-336-5326 to report a missing item. For items left on SafeRide transportation vehicles, call PaTS at 704-687-0161.

November 4, 2016

"UNCC - 30,000 students & 1,000 parking spots," was an early September Tweet that's been liked and reTweeted nearly 200 times (so far). The numbers are wildly exaggerated, but weekdays when classes are most densely scheduled, it sure feels like a 30-to-one competition to park in Union, West and East 2 parking decks. But even at peak time when the closest parking areas are full, there are enough parking spaces open elsewhere on campus.

Space counts are taken a few weeks into every semester to check that parking supply is sufficient for demand. These counts also inform planning for future parking facilities. All parking designations are counted: resident and commuter students, facutly/staff, visitors, ADA parking, etc., but because students are the population for whom most of campus parking is designated, this post will focus on decks and lots open to those with student permits.

Student parking at a glance

Bar charts showing student parking space availability in two hour increments

Student parking by the numbers

Here are the numbers for Fall 2016, Monday - Thursday.*

  • Italicized entries are areas most likely to be filled between 9:30AM-11AM. 
  • Bold entries have the most parking to spare throughout the day.

Student Parking Space Count, Fall 2016

 Location Total Available Unoccupied 10:00 AM Unoccupied 12:00 PM Unoccupied 2:00 PM Unoccupied 4:00 PM Unoccupied 6:00 PM
Lot 26 (at FM/Police) 86 2 2 1 35 62
North Deck 1171 576 499 552 613 718
Lot 25 (across from Witherspoon) 483 133 106 130 196 187
Lot 19 (by Union Deck) 261 0 2 6 29 39
Lot 18 (by Union Deck) 92 2 1 7 17 39
Union Deck 682 27 8 42 202 331
CRI Deck 1 1343 753 762 741 930 1083
CRI Lot 2 129 1 1 2 36 102
Lot 23 (CRI by stadium) 180 1 5 1 19 54
Lot 14 (by Tennis complex) 22 0 0 1 7 10
West Deck 760 10 6 54 175 469
Lot 7A (Memorial Hall) 37 1 0 0 3 21
Lot 7 (behind Cone Deck) 112 0 2 0 4 13
Lot 101 Foundation Bldg. 61 25 34 30 40 48
South Village Deck 1101 248 209 250 574 393
Lot 8 (by So.Village Deck) 245 2 2 1 16 19
Lot 8A  52 1 0 0 0 0
Lot 16 (Oak, Pine, Maple, Elm) 118 0 1 1 5 6
Lot 20 (behind Witherspoon) 105 0 0 2 0 0
Lot 21 (beside Witherspoon) 133 0 0 1 4 2
Lot 12 (NE corner Mary Alex & Cameron) 51 0 0 0 11 40
Lot 13 (Hawthorn) 138 1 4 7 8 12
Greek Village 330 118 130 137 146 156
Lot 6 (off Martin Village Rd.) 602 121 51 104 236 356
Lot 5 (Van Landingham Rd.) 580 0 37 48 175 333
Lot 5A (Van Landingham) 251 10 23 30 131 215
Lot 4A (Van Landingham at John Kirk) 127 1 14 15 49 101
East Deck 3 804 35 58 109 353 585
East Deck 2 539 0 15 21 105 188
TOTAL 10,597** 2,068 1,972 2,293 4,119 5582

*Counts taken over a two week period of normal class schedule (no holiday/break). ** Student parking space total. Does not include Faculty/Staff gated access, reserved, ADA/van accessible/handicapped, motorcycle, metered, visitor or discount remote parking. Campus total 13,970. Note: CRI Deck I is a mixed use facility on every level (available equally to Commuters, Faculty/Staff and Visitors and, after 6 PM, to those with Resident permits.) 

Main points for Commuters:

  • Everyone wants to park as close as they can to their class and most classes are scheduled from about 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Therefore, more students are trying to park in the same places at the same time. Your competition is stiff.
  • Take a look at the Commuter parking areas in bold. They are generally the least crowded and every one of them has a shuttle stop.
  • It feels counterintuitive to park farther away from where you're going but just try it ONCE. You will likely find it doesn't take much longer and that it's less stressful to easily find parking in a lower-demand area and take the shuttle or walk to class. Once you've tried an alternative parking area, it won't feel as annoying to park there on days when your preferred parking is full.
  • Download the UNCCNextRide app or access the NextRide mobile web site you view where the shuttle is and when it will get to your stop. 
  • There's NO REASON to park illegally in a full lot or deck and risk getting a citation
  • It's pointless to circle a full deck or lot. Students do not generally come-and-go in steady streams but in hour-and-a-half bursts based on when classes begin and end. A full deck or lot at 9:30 will likely remain so until around noon, maybe longer. 

Learn more: 

Questions? Email or Tweet @unccparking or call 704-687-0161. The PaTS Call Center line is open 24/5 weekdays, 5 a.m. Monday through 10 p.m. Friday.

Photo of top level of North Deck

Even at peak class time, there are hundreds of spaces open in North Deck and the Green Line shuttle picks up there so you don't have to walk if you don't want to.

October 26, 2016

The Haunted Union event is Thursday, October 27 and Chef Cindy is making sure that Crown Commons joins in the SPIRIT.

Start off with dinner at Crown Commons for a Halloween Boo-fay. Here's the menu:

Halloween Boo-Fay

The Kitchen

Zombie Limbs w/ Innards Gravy - Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

Roasted Fingers - Fingerling Potatoes

Shoccoli - Steamed Broccoli

Chuckie’s up Chuck - Corn Soufflé

Zombie Bits and Pieces- Grilled Tofu Scampi

Moldy Biscuits - Green Drop Biscuits

Chef’s Table

Intestines and Blood Clots - Spinach Fettuccine with Chunky Tomatoes

Burning Stone

Jack O’ Pizza - Pumpkin Shaped Pizza

The Cauldron

Pumpkin Soup

Good-bye Gumbo

The Garden

Black Pasta Salad

The Bone Yard

Chicken Parts

Bloody Buffalo Sauce, Asian Worm Sauce, Alabama Ghost Sauce

Death by Chocolate

Assorted Desserts


Food Fear Factor

7:00 PM outside of Crown Commons

Chef Cindy will apply her evil genius to Haunted Union with "Food Fear Factor." Score points by eating "goblin fare " without spitting any out.  Those advancing to a second round will compete in a puzzle game. Round three is kind-of-like bobbing for apples but with marbles submerged in a tub of ice --- using only your feet. Participants and spectators are sure to have a great time! 


October 6, 2016

Happy October, Niner Nation!

Halloween-themed illustration with Norm face and C-pick jack-ol-lanterns flanking a traditional jack-o-lantern

Put some Niner Pride on your front porch with these spirited Charlotte 49er patterns to download and use for Halloween pumpkin carving or painting.

Send us a picture of your finished product! Email to or via Twitter, @unccaux.


September 26, 2016

As part of the University's Sustainability Week events, dozens of representatives will be on campus offering information, travel discounts and give-aways. There will even be a little fun! Try out the driving simulators that imitate drunk driving and what it's like to be in a car crash, with and without a seatbelt.

photo of NASCAR race tickets, 2 each to three races, Oct. 6-8Be sure to enter to win RACE TICKETS to Bojangle’s Pole Night Thursday, Oct. 6, the BC&BS Drive for the Cure 300 Friday, Oct. 7, or the Bank of America 500 Saturday, Oct. 8 courtesy of Charlotte Motor Speedway. 

Other representatives include:

  • NC by Train (Amtrak)
  • Bike Line
  • Campus Police
  • Campus Automotive/Motor Fleet
  • Centralina Clean Fuels
  • Charlotte Area Transit - LYNX Light Rail and Bus system
  • Charlotte Air Awareness
  • CMPD
  • Gotcha Bike Share Program
  • Lyft
  • Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Greenways
  • NCDOT Bus Runs - Sunway and Greyhound
  • Parking and Transportation Services
  • Sustain Charlotte
  • Motorsports Engineering
  • Uber
  • UNC Charlotte Cyclist Club
  • UNC Charlotte Earth Club
  • UNC Charlotte Urban Institute
  • Yellow Cab
  • Zipcar (car sharing)

Whether by wheels or by foot, make plans to be there!

illustration of Norm over green earth, surrounded by sustainability icons

Transportation Fair

Wednesday, October 5

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

CHHS/COE quad (across from Student Union)

Parking and Transportation is excited to be part of this event. Learn more about transportation options at UNC Charlotte and campus sustainability efforts.

September 14, 2016

2016 update

Every year, PaTS posts the numbers that show how permit and visitor parking proceeds from the previous academic year were spent. Follows are the totals from academic year 2015-2016:

Income: $11,151,822

  • $8,273,426 came from parking permit sales;
  • $838,899 received from Transportation Services charge ($24/semester, see tuition and fees);
  • The rest was generated from F/S premium gated access fees, and visitor parking fees, etc. ($1,886,691 came from visitor/short-term parking, including conferences, meters, visitor deck pay stations and visitor parking vouchers).
  • Parking citation fines: $102,771.* (PaTs and the University reap no financial benefit from citation fines. See footnote for explanation.)

Expenses: $12,846,847

  • $4,015,722 went to debt service on existing decks;
  • $1,045,685 for CATS Campus Shuttle
  • $1,082,557 for repairs and maintenance of lots and decks
  • $1,210,417 for salaries (which includes enforcement personnel, most of whom are student workers)
  • $1,086,656 went to utilities, gate equipment, permit printing, credit card fees, insurance, maintenance contracts, etc.
  • $4,405,810 paid for advance lease on Center City deck

How this year's numbers compare to 2014-2015

  • Again, most of the money from permit sales and visitor parking charges was used to pay back construction bonds on existing decks and maintenance/upkeep of all campus lots and decks (replace lights, repair surfaces, repaint stripes, etc.). 
  • Income was up over last year, which correlates to an increase in visitor parking. Regular operating expenses went down. This is why permit prices did not increase, remaining the same for a third year in a row.  
  • Any money left that exceeds current obligations will go toward design and construction of future decks. The next project is an expansion of Union Deck, set to begin this summer.
  • Citation proceeds for 2014-15 was $117,424 ($14,653 more than 2015-16). 

Permit prices are set to support a 10-year business plan that ensures that new decks can be built as enrollment growth demands, that parking removed by new buildings can be replaced, and that existing parking facilities are maintained so as to extend service life.

That’s because:

  • State funds are not used to pay for parking facilities
  • Tuition dollars don’t supplement parking
  • Citation fines cannot supplement construction/maintenance of parking lots and decks*
  • That means that parking has to be self-supporting, paid for by those who use it, students, faculty/staff and visitors. (More about parking and permit prices.)

PaTS will continue to publish the numbers every year so that you can know where the money goes. (Here’s the numbers from academic years 2013-2014 and 2012-2013). We’re also happy to answer your questions about parking. The Parking and Transportation Services call center is open from 5:00 AM Mondays continuously until 10:00 PM Friday; call 704-687-0161. Or you can Tweet @unccparking or write

*Citation fine proceeds are governed by a State statute (GS 115C-457.1-3 – p. 305) which says that civil fines (i.e., parking tickets), minus the cost of collection, have to be remitted to the State of North Carolina, which then allocates the money to local K-12 public schools. The cost of collection cannot exceed 20% regardless of how much is actually spent to provide enforcement and collect the fines. Unfortunately, it costs PaTS more than the 20% they're allowed to keep to cover the cost of enforcement. 

Photo of top level of North Deck

September 1, 2016

Photo of Parkmobile mobile visitor parking payment sign at Greek VillageUNC Charlotte and Parkmobile, LLC, the leading provider of on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking, have entered into an agreement to provide a mobile payment option to pay for parking while on campus. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors will be able to use the app at all single- and multi-space metered parking spaces in the following areas:

  • Lot 4 
  • Lot 28
  • Lot 30
  • Meters in Robinson Hall Lot
  • Meters in the SAC Handicap Lot
  • Meters in Lot 13
  • Meters in Lot 16
  • Meters in Lot 20
  • Meters in Lot 21 

Also, as part of a pilot program, visitors will be able to use the app when parking in any unrestricted parking space in the Greek Village lot. This area will be monitored for use and will allow the University to plan for future program expansion to other campus lots.

Customers can pay to park with their smartphones using Parkmobile’s app for iPhone, Android, Windows, Amazon, and Blackberry phones, or by calling the toll-free number on the green meter stickers and signs. Additionally, customers who are using the Park It! Charlotte app, may use the app on campus, and Parkmobile users may use their app in the city of Charlotte and many other locations across the country.

"We're excited to introduce a new, convenient payment option for our visitors looking for short-term parking on our campus,” said Doug Lape, Director, Parking and Transportation Services. “With mobile payment, customers can begin and pay for their parking session from their vehicles, receive expiration alerts and even extend time where applicable all from their phone.”

Parkmobile’s mobile payments system is very simple and easy to use. Customers first must register by downloading the mobile app from their phone’s app store or online at Once registered, they may immediately use the mobile app, Internet, or the toll-free number listed on signage to pay for parking.

This Parkmobile service also provides customers the ability to receive alerts when their meter time is about to expire, extend their time remotely without returning to the meter, utilize credit cards in locations that do not offer manual credit card payments, as well as print and keep receipts for parking. This mobile payment solution is an option intended to complement existing parking payment options; existing forms of payment are still valid for use. Mobile payment at a metered space does not change the reading on the meter but enforcement devices are able to see that a motorist has paid.

This option is not yet available for visitor parking in any of the decks but will be added to additional parking areas across campus as the program grows.

Lape adds, “Mobile payment is one of a number of innovations PaTS expects to roll out in the next year to better use technology for more efficient and convenient parking on campus."

For more information:

About Parkmobile

Parkmobile, LLC is the leading provider for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. Their services have been adopted in more than 2,000 locations, including 36 of the top 100 cities in the U.S. by millions of registered users.

Parkmobile’s services include on-street parking, off-street parking deck, airport and event reservations and municipal parking permit solutions. Parkmobile serves over 20 airports as well as provides reserved parking solutions for private operators, the Super Bowl, the College Football Championship Series, Fenway Park, FedEx Field and Nationwide Arena, to name a few. More information at