Parking notes for exam week and summer

Date Published: 
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Relaxed enforcement in effect Wednesday, May 3 through Friday, May 12

What the means specifically is that:

  • Permits are still required to park
  • Meters are enforced
  • Visitor deck fees must be paid

​Any semester or year-long permit is valid 24/7

  • Two-Day permits are valid 7 days per week
  • Night permits are valid at any time

Any valid permit may park in any non-reserved student space

  • Commuter permits may park in Resident and Greek spaces
  • Resident permits may park in Commuter and Greek spaces
  • Greek permits may park in Commuter and Resident spaces
  • Faculty/Staff permits may park in any student space including Lot 16
  • Lot 6A and Lot 27 permits may park in any student space

Temporary (daily) permits are valid ONLY for the days purchased.

Permits are not enforced on weekends after 10:00 PM Friday until 5:00 AM Monday and when the PaTS Call Center is closed.

Moving out? Reminder about loading and unloading

For short term parking by a building to carry something in or out, call the PaTS Communication Center at 704-687-0161. Give your vehicle information and location. You'll be given some direction and 15 minutes to park.

PaTS' Communication Center line has someone available to help you 24/5 (weekdays from 5:00 AM continuously through 10:00 PM Friday). When in doubt, ASK, please! 

Summer Parking

Summer parking permits are available for online purchase may be picked-up from the PaTS Office May 15.

  • If you bought a full-time permit in the fall or spring (Commuter, Resident, Greek Village, Faculty/Staff) your permit is good throughout summer (expiration is August 15).
  • Summer permits cost $110 per session (Summer 1 or 2) or $185 for both sessions.

Don't buy someone else's permit (or sell yours)

Unexpired full-time permits have a way of showing up on Twitter and Craigslist this time of year but UNC Charlotte parking permits may only be bought through PaTS. Permits are registered to a specific person and vehicle. Buying and then using a permit registered to someone else may subject you to fines and other penalties. 


  • Call the PaTS Call Center, 704-687-0161
  • or email
  • We're also on Twitter, @unccparking.

Summer bus service

Here’s some welcome news for those taking classes or working on campus this summer: PaTS will be running 15-passenger shuttles on Red and Green Lines throughout the summer, May 15 - August 1 (except holidays when the University is closed) from 7 AM until 11:30 PM weekdays, 3:30 PM - 11:30 PM weekends.

Illustration of Norm waiting for shuttle at bus stop

Expect some temporary parking disruption/displacement this summer as capital construction projects begin and new license plate recognition and gate systems are installed. Follow @unccparking on Twitter for the latest information.