Ink Spot Printing

Ink Spot logoInk Spot Printing is a "print from anywhere" solution that allows you to print to any Ink Spot-enabled device (printer or multi-function copy/print device). Students no longer have to use a computer in a lab or the library to print their documents. Faculty and staff may also enjoy the convenience of being able to make personal prints* from many points on campus. Just look for the Ink Spot logo or refer to the Ink Spot location list below. [*Ink Spot printing only works with the 49erAccount; no departmental copy cards, guest cards, or codes.]

How it Works

See instructions below for how to print with any of these methods:

Printing from an Internet-Connected Computer:

1. Open any web browser; direct to

Screen shot of ink spot web upload page

2. Click PRINT.

3. Enter NinerNET Username and Password and click LOG IN.

Screen shot of Ink Spot upload login page

4. Choose Black & White (InkSpot-BW) or Color (InkSpot-Color).

Screen shot of Ink Spot printer choice page

5. Choose to either upload a document by clicking BROWSE and selecting a document on your computer, or choose to print a web page by typing the URL or copying & pasting a web address. You may enter the number of copies and the page range, then click CONTINUE.

Screen shot of Ink Spot document info page

6. Choose to change the page settings, or simply leave the default settings in place, then click CONTINUE.

Screen shot of Ink Spot print options page

7. The job will be submitted and upon completion of the job, you will receive a message informing you the job is complete. You will be prompted to log out or print another job, or choose another printer (you'd pick this if you're changing from black & white to color or vice versa).

Screen shot of Ink Spot completed submission page

Print from Your Smartphone or Tablet

1. Download the free app: PrinterOn PrinterOn app icon(available at app stores for iOS, Android and Blackberry)

For an interactive, window-by-window demo, click on the link for the device you'll be using:

2. Once the app is open, you must set up your "User Account" and "Services" options. To do this enter your NinerNET Username & Password under settings (make sure “PrinterOn Hosted” is toggled on). Select the "check" mark to confirm. Click the arrow to go back and select “Services”, select “Add Service”, enter the server name as (make sure SSL is toggled on). Select the "check" mark to confirm and your information will automatically be saved.

3. To print, documents may be accessed through a web browser, an email account, or cloud-based storage such as the Box Cloud app on your smart phone. Open with "Open in" feature. When the document is open, click the arrow in the upper right hand corner of your screen, and select “Open in PrinterOn.”

Screen shot of PrinterOn intro screen

4. Search for Ink Spot locations by selecting “No Printer Selected” then select “Search" and type  “UNC Charlotte” into the search bar. Choose between two print options: UNC Charlotte Black & White or UNC Charlotte Color, then press “Select” followed by “Print.” (Figures A and B)

Figures A & B screen shots of printer selections

For frequent users, save the printer to avoid searching every time. Select "Search”, type "UNC Charlotte" and select the “i” to the right of "UNC Charlotte Black & White" or "UNC Charlotte Color". A "Details" page will appear.  Select ”Save” in the  upper left. Your saved printers will appear going forward.

5. The job will be submitted and upon completion, you will receive a confirmation message that your job was submitted successfully.

Printing via email:

1. Open your UNC Charlotte email.

2. Compose a message, with or without attachments, or forward an existing email.

3. Enter the Ink Spot email address:

3. Send the email and release your document(s) at any Ink Spot enabled device.

Note: When you arrive at the device, if your email includes an attachment you will see more than one item to release (1. the attachment(s) and 2. the text within the email itself). You may choose to release both, or just one.

To release your print job:

Printing from Copiers (Multi-Function Machines):

  1. Swipe your 49er Card
  2. Select “Follow You”
  3. When prompted with a screen that displays “Release Key,” hit the Start button on the machine
  4. Any and all jobs that have been sent to print will be displayed on the screen. Select one or all jobs you’d like to print, and select “Print” in the upper left corner of the screen
  5. Screen will display the number of pages to be printed, printing costs, etc.
  6. Any jobs selected will print and automatically be deleted from the queue.
  7. Select “Log Out”

Printing from Printers (Stand-alone Printers):

  1. Before releasing your print job, please check to make sure the appropriate paper size is loaded in the device.
  2. At the startup screen, select “Log On”
  3. Enter NinerNET Username & Password, click “OK”
  4. The selected printer will be displayed automatically, click “OK
  5. Any and all jobs that have been sent to print will be displayed on the screen. Select one or all jobs you’d like to print, click “Print”
  6. Swipe your 49er Card
  7. Jobs will print and the computer will automatically log you out

Ink Spot Printing Locations

Click here for an updated list of copiers and Ink Spot printing locations.