Copy Machine Locations

Copiers utilize the 49er ID Card system. Personal copies are paid for by using the 49er Account of the campus ID or a 49er Cash Card available from four automated VTS machines on campus. Administrative copy cards are requisitioned from the Copier Department office in the Auxiliary Services Building.

Building Location
*Atkins Library Lower Level
*Atkins Library 1st Floor
*Atkins Library 2nd Floor
Burson Room 239 (lab)
College of Education Room 109 (vending room)
College of Education Room 349
College of Health and Human Services Room 293
College of Health and Human Services Room 370
Cone Center for Grad Life (by After Hours)
CRI – Duke Hall Room 336a
*EPIC 1st Floor
EPIC Room 3265
*Fretwell 3rd Floor (by stairs in hall)
*Prospector Lower Level
*Storrs Room 200 (COA Library)
*Student Union Room 123 (Union Station)
*Woodward Hall 1st floor (lounge)
*Center City 11th Floor (Library)
*Center City Room 801

*This is also an Ink Spot enabled device.

Call the Copy Center at 704‑687‑0809 to report a malfunction or need for supplies. For departments that purchased or leased equipment from another provider, contact Materials Management at 704‑687‑7330 for assistance.