Meal Plan Selection

Meal Plan Selection

Residents making changes to plan and commuters

If you wish to make a change to your meal plan, fill out the form below. Please review the meal plan FAQs before making changes. 

First-year students living on campus are required to have The Daily Plan and cannot make changes via this form. Commuters and upperclass students may make changes using the form. After Oct. 2, meal plans may be added, but not cancelled.

2020 Meal Plan Selection Form


Need help deciding?

If you would like some help determining which meal plan is a good fit, check out our Meal Plan Selection Tool below. Just fill out a few questions, and we will make a recommendation based on your meal plan eligibility, frequency of eating on campus and dietary restrictions.

2020 Meal Plan Info

Meal Plans

Before the plan is loaded onto the 49er ID Card, all students can change their meal plan without incurring a charge. After that, students may request changes to their meal plans, up through the scheduled two-day room change period.

Requests made after the plan is loaded onto the 49er Card will incur a $25 Meal Plan Processing Charge. Meal plan charges are prorated, whether the student has used the meal plan or not.

To make a change, submit a Meal Plan Selection Form. You will receive an email confirmation once the request is reviewed and processed.

Your 49er ID card provides access to your meal plan. The 49er Card system automatically tracks meal swipe and the declining balance (DB) use. Meal swipes are used for meals at SoVi or Crown Commons. Tap  your 49er ID card when entering the dining hall to use your meal swipes.

Meal swipes and declining balance may be used anytime. The Daily Plan comes with five guest swipes. Other block plans do not limit the number of guest swipes you may use in a semester. However, only three guest swipes may be used per meal period.

Meal swipes are available for the semester and are counted down as they are used. 

Declining balance (DB) is like a prepaid debit account designed for use at all dining locations, including retail venues like Chick-fil-A, Starbucks and campus convenience stores. Each time you use DB, you will receive a receipt showing the amount you have spent and your remaining balance.

Meal plan swipes expire at the end of the semester. Remaining declining balance funds will roll over from fall to spring and spring to summer, but expire at the end of summer session II.

Straight Declining Balance plans allow remaining declining balance funds to carry forward until the end of summer session II. 2019-20 and 2020-21 declining balance funds expire on Aug. 11, 2021.

You have up until plans are billed to view your plan choice through your housing contract in RMS; after the meal plan has been billed you may view your choice by logging into your Student Banner account and reviewing your bill.

Financial aid can pay for your meal plan if you have enough to cover tuition and housing charges first. Financial aid will not prepay for Optional Dining Account (ODA) or 49er Account funds.

No, but you can supplement your meal plan by depositing funds into the Optional Dining account (ODA). ODA has a minimum deposit of $5; funds carry forward and are available as long as the student is enrolled, from semester-to-semester and year-to-year.

Consider the following when selecting your meal plan:

  • The number of meals and snacks you usually eat in a week
  • How often you will eat in dining halls
  • Your food allergies, dietary restrictions and preferences

A block meal plan is a good choice if you eat fewer large meals during a given week or if you have dietary restrictions or food allergies. Meal swipes can be used at SoVi, Crown Commons and SoVi2Go. Dining halls offer a wide range of healthy, meatless and gluten-avoiding options.

Straight DB plans are a good choice if you spend less time on campus and prefer the convenience of quick-service retail dining options. Straight DB can be used for entry to dining halls at the door rate.

Whether you choose a block meal plan or Straight DB, declining balance may be used in all dining locations, including sports concessions and campus convenience stores.

Still need help selecting a plan? 

Use the Meal Plan Selection Tool, or call 704-687-7337 to speak to a meal plan specialist.