Meal Plans Policies

Meal plan selections may be made through the Meal Plans and 49er Card Office or the Housing & Residence Life website application. If using the housing application, remember to:

  1. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the Contract for Meal Plans.
  2. Complete the Meal Plan section of the Application.

Contract Terms and Conditions for Meal Plans Academic Year 2019 – 2020

North Carolina tax law requires the meal swipe portion of the meal plan be subject to sales tax; the associated Declining Balance portion of the meal plan is subject to sales tax at the point of sale.

The University offers a variety of meal plans to meet the diverse dining needs of students. All freshmen living on campus ARE REQUIRED to purchase a meal plan each semester of occupancy, regardless of their housing assignment. Also, all students who are assigned “required” housing accommodations in the towers – Holshouser, Sanford, and Scott Halls – and in the suites – Belk, Hawthorn, Holshouser, Hunt, Laurel, Levine, Lynch, Miltimore, Oak, Wallis, and Witherspoon Halls – are required each semester to purchase one of the meal plans offered to them; the plans offered are based on their current balance of earned credit hours. See chart below. 

Meal Plan Eligibility


0-29 credit hours

30-59 credit hours

60-89 credit hours

90+ credit hours

185 Meal Swipes/$300 DB X X X X
7 Day Unlimited/$200 DB X X X X
160 Meal Swipes/$300 DB   X X X
5 Day Unlimited/$200 DB   X X X
135 Meals/$300 DB     X X
85 Meals/$300 DB       X
$875 DB (non-required areas only)   X X X
$1,200 DB (non-required areas only)   X X X
All freshmen living on campus are REQUIRED to purchase a meal plan, regardless of housing assignment.

During the period of occupancy, UNC Charlotte will provide meals according to the plan selected. A student in ‘required’ housing is required to select a meal plan during the housing selection process. The student will be charged each semester for a meal plan selection. If a meal plan is not chosen, the least expensive option based on earned credit hours will be added. Non-use of a meal plan by a student in ‘required’ housing does not nullify the requirement to purchase a plan each semester nor does it nullify the charge for an unused plan. 

Students with special dietary restrictions should initially contact the Meal Plans and 49er Card Office at 704-687-7337 where they will be referred to the Chartwells Registered Dietitian (RD).

Meal plans purchased in the Fall semester will automatically be renewed for the Spring semester for all students unless changed or cancelled by the student. Only students currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte may purchase a meal plan.

No meals will be provided during Fall break, Thanksgiving break, Winter break, or Spring break.

Plans offered by the University to on-campus residents in "required" housing consist of both meals and declining balance. These meal plans do NOT carry forward to future semesters. Meals are used at both South Village Crossing and Crown Commons dining facilities. Declining balance is used at all University dining locations.

Upperclassmen assigned to ‘non-required’ housing – the apartments in Belk, Elm, Levine, Martin, Miltimore, Pine, Wallis and Witherspoon Halls or to Greek Village – may choose the All Declining Balance meal plan offered. Unspent funds from this plan DO carry over from Fall to Spring and through the end of the second summer session for the academic year.

International students should request information regarding their meal plan options through the Office of International Programs prior to the beginning of the semester. Questions regarding meals plans for these students may also be directed to the Meal Plans & 49er Card Office at

Changes and Cancellations

Students may request a change to their meal plan through the scheduled Housing room change period (Fall Semester) Sept. 6 and (Spring Semester) Jan. 24. Meal plan changes or cancellations are pro-rated to the first day the meal plan is active for any given semester and are subject to a $25.00 Meal Plan Processing Charge, whether the student has used the meal plan or not. After the scheduled two-day room change period, no other meal plan changes or cancellations may be made for the current semester. This also applies to students who have moved from required housing to apartments or have moved off campus, unless the student has requested a cancellation due to Withdraw from the University.

Meal plan changes or cancellation requests are accepted Mondays beginning 8:00 a.m. through Friday, 12:00 p.m. All changes and cancellations will be updated each Monday morning for the previous week’s requests.

Once a request for cancellation due to a withdrawal from the University has been reviewed and validated, the student will be financially responsible for the daily prorated dining charge for their plan. The cancellation will also incur a $150.00 Withdrawal Charge which will be applied to the student’s account. The meal plan charge will be prorated through the week of the last use of the plan or through the effective date of withdrawal from the University, whichever date is later. The prorated amount will be issued and credited to the student’s account. There are no cancellations or refunds permitted for students who withdraw within the last four (4) weeks of classes, based on the last date of the semester. If a student is released from their dining contract due to withdrawal from the University but re-enrolls later for the initially withdrawn term the student will again become financially responsible for the originally contracted dining plan.

These cancellation terms do not apply to students who have been granted a withdrawal with extenuating circumstances from the Dean of Students Office.

All meal plan change and cancellation requests can be submitted online by clicking on the Meal Plan Selection form. Any questions may be directed to the Meal Plans and 49er Card Office, located in room 175 Auxiliary Services Building or at 704-687-7337.


Students who want to appeal a Dining charge may do so by completing the Tuition, Housing and Dining Appeal Form. There is a one-year limit on filing an appeal (e.g. If student is filing an appeal for Fall 2019 semester then it must be submitted by the official end date of the Fall 2020 semester).

Students who are denied at the first level are presented the opportunity to appeal to the Tuition, Housing, and Dining appeals committee. If a student receives a denial letter, they are given 10 business days to inform the appropriate person/office of their intent to move forward to the committee. The committee is the second and final decision maker in the appeal process.

Click here for further appeals information or contact Melissa Battle with any questions regarding your appeal: 704-687-7350 or

Disclosure Terms and Conditions for Optional Dining Account

An Optional Dining Account (ODA) may be used to supplement a meal plan. Funds for this account are not billable through Student Accounts but can be purchased online, at the Meal Plans and 49er Card Office (Auxiliary Services Building, Room 175), and the Dining Services Office/I.D. Office (Student Union, Room 127) using cash, check, or credit card. This account may be used for food purchased in all dining and convenience store locations. The Optional Dining Account carries over indefinitely as long as there are not more than six months of inactivity on the account.

  1. The Optional Dining Account is a non-required account of pre-deposited funds accessed by the Cardholder for the sole and exclusive use for food purchases in the Dining Services locations and it is placed on the 49er ID Card. This account should not be confused with the 49er Account.
  2. Deposits to Optional Dining Accounts can be made in the ID Office located in the Student Union or the Meal Plans and 49er Card Office located in the Auxiliary Services Building. A minimum deposit of $5.00 (no maximum limit) may be made by cash, check or credit card.
  3. Deposits may also be made at the 49er Card Online website.
  4. If the Cardholder's deposit check is returned for non-payment, a $25.00 charge will be assessed on the Cardholder's account and the account will be automatically suspended. The account will not be reactivated until the NSF check is reconciled and all appropriate bank NSF fees have been reimbursed to the Meal Plans and 49er Card Office.
  5. There is no daily limit on the number of purchases that may be made and debited to the account provided funds are available. The Cardholder understands and agrees the 49er ID Card is not a credit card, nor can it be used to obtain cash or cash advances from the
    account under any circumstances.
  6. Balances of account may be obtained at any Dining Services point-of-sale location or the 49er Card Online website.
  7. Account Inactivity – Optional Dining Accounts that are inactive for a period of six (6) months will be assessed a $1.00 per month inactivity charge for each inactive month thereafter.
  8. Upon official withdrawal or graduation from the University, the Cardholder may request his/her Optional Dining Account be closed. There will be $10.00 processing charge withheld from all refunds. The request must be made via /49er-id-card to the Meal Plans and 49er Card Office. All debts on the Cardholder's account with the Student Accounts Office must be satisfied prior to a check being processed for a refund. Any negative Optional Dining Account balances will be charged to the Cardholder's Student Account, or billed directly to the Cardholder. 

Closing Accounts, Refunds, Returns

  1. Upon official withdrawal/graduation from the institution, the Cardholder may request his/her Optional Dining Account be closed (This is not done without a request from the Cardholder). There is a $10.00 processing charge. Balances greater than $10.00 will be refunded. The request must be made via /49er-id-card to the Meal Plans and 49er Card Office. Refund checks will be mailed to the last known address within four (4) weeks of the closing request. All debts on the Cardholder’s student account balance must be satisfied prior to a check being processed for a refund. Any negative 49er ID Card account balances will be charged to the Cardholders student account, or billed directly to the Cardholder.
  2. Inactive accounts (accounts without a transaction over six (6) months) will be assessed a $1.00 per month inactivity charge.


  1. If the point of sale terminal is equipped to provide a receipt, you will receive a receipt at the time of purchase. It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to ensure the receipt is correct. Always get a receipt!
  2. Activity statements can be generated upon request of the Cardholder at the Meal Plans and 49er Card Office or the 49er Card Online website.

The 49er ID Card can only be used by the student to whom it was issued. Misuse of the identification card will result in disciplinary action. There will be $20.00 administrative processing charge to replace lost/stolen identification cards.

Disclosure of Meal-Plans Related Accounting Information to Third Parties

UNC Charlotte will disclose information to third parties about your account only:

  1. In order to comply with court orders or other applicable laws.
  2. If the cardholder gives the 49er Card Office written permission.