Vegan and Vegetarian Dining

Salad bar at UNC CharlotteAll campus dining locations have vegetarian options available, and most locations have vegan options. Vegan and vegetarian entrées, soups, and side dishes are served daily at our dining halls. Crown Commons has a vegan and vegetarian station, a fresh salad bar, meatless pizza and sandwich selections, in addition to a vegan soup being offered daily. SoVi Dining also offers many vegan and vegeterian options daily.

Our retail locations offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. For example, Salsarita's offers both black and refried beans as a protein option, both of which are vegan; add seasoned rice and fresh tomato salsas to create a delicious meat-free meal. Sandwich stations such as Outtakes in the Student Union and Mondos Subs in Prospector Cafe offer sandwiches made with hummus. The soup stations in Library Café and Main Street Market will also be including vegan and vegetarian soups into their repertoire

Principles of vegetarian and vegan cooking practices are considered as much as possible in preparation of food as well. Campus Executive Chef, Jason Shillinglaw, explains that grilled vegetables are cooked first to avoid any contact with meat or animal products. Veggie burgers are cooked on a griddle plate placed on top of the grill; although the heat source is shared, no meat or animal product touches the veggie patty. Most campus kitchens have separate fryers for non-meat items but there are some locations where space or equipment limitations prohibit that. For questions about a specific item, ask to speak with the manager or chef.

Concerned about food allergies, intolerance, or special dietary needs? 

Students are encouraged to schedule a consultation with our Registered Dietitian, Emily Holdorf. Consultation may include menu reviews and a tour of dining locations to best fit the student’s dietary needs. Call 704-687-6019 or email to make an appointment. For food allergies or intolerance, students are advised to first register with the Office of Disability Services.