Contactless Capable

This may damage the chip and cause the contactless feature to stop working. If you choose to punch holes in your card, you are responsible for the cost of replacement if it no longer works ($20).

Due to security concerns, everyone will be required to pick up their new 49er Card in person.

Everyone who studies or works on the main or Center City campus will get a new card.

Submitting a new photo is encouraged, but not required. You can now submit a new photo online. Once logged in, click on "Profile" and then the “Click to submit a new photo” link. 

You also may visit the 49er Card Office in the Auxiliary Services Building, or the ID Office in the Student Union, to have a new photo taken.

Visit the 49er Card Office in the Auxiliary Services building or the ID Office in the Student Union. New cards are created and issued on the spot. Lost or damaged cards are $20.

University alumni can continue using their current cards. Those with emeritus status are eligible for a new 49er Card.

You can continue using the paper card that was mailed to you when you started your program. If you plan to be on the main campus, you are welcome to stop by the 49er Card Office and be issued a new contactless card. The functions of the contactless card are used on the main and Center City campuses exclusively. You may also request a new non-photo Distance Education card through the Office of Distance Education.


  • Meal plans (meal swipes and Declining Balance)
  • Campus spending accounts (49er Account, DB, ODA)
  • Campus housing access (resident students)


  • Library services
  • Gym, academic building, and lab access


  • Kronos timekeeping systems (staff ); those who use Kronos clocks should continue using their old card until this date.


  • Charlotte Area Transit application (buses and light rail)

No. You may pick up your card at the Center City administrative office during normal business hours.

  • The number beginning with 800 is your student or faculty/staff ID number. This number identifies you with the University and will not change. 
  • The 16-digit number is your card number. This number links the card to you. The number is generated when a card is issued or reissued. Should you need to replace the card, the number will change.

This number identifies you for CATS-LYNX ridership.

No. There is only one active card per cardholder.

All older cards are no longer active and must be replaced with the new contactless cards.

The campus-wide recard event has ended. However, your new card is still available for now in the 49er Card & Meal Plans Office (Auxiliary Services Building 175, between Prospector and Craver Road).


  • Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed


  • Yourself - for security reasons, cards must be received in person and cannot be delivered or picked up for departments. 
  • Photo ID - current 49er ID Card, driver's license or passport

Everywhere you could use your old card, only it now has an added contactless functionality that allows you to tap rather than swipe at some card readers.

Residence halls that are currently tap-enabled: Belk, Hawthorn, Holshouser, Hunt, Laurel, Martin, Miltimore, Oak. Housing not yet contactless capable: Lynch, Moore, Sanford, Scott, Wallis, Witherspoon. Most point-of-sale registers on campus can be tapped (except Athletics concessions).