Campus Shuttle safety

Date Published: 
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

There have been recent reports of near-miss accidents and some passengers misunderstanding where the buses may stop. 

Photo of shuttle buses on Craver Rd., with students standing at stops and crossing at crosswalk

Please remember

  • There's a reason why the audio recording says, "Please, do not cross in front of the bus." Unlike school buses, traffic is not required to halt in both directions for municipal buses. Oncoming traffic continues; cars behind a bus may go around and pass.
  • The only time it's OK to cross in front is when the bus is stopped at a traffic light. Even then, use caution and look both ways.
  • Shuttle drivers are only allowed to pick up passengers at marked stops. They are not permitted to pick up or drop off anywhere other than a designated bus stop. (So don't yell at or act snarky to drivers who don't heed your signal to stop. They are following the rules of their job.)
  • NEVER run after or alongside a moving bus once it has left its stop. Take a breath and wait for the next one. The UNCCNextRide app will show you where the next bus is and when it's expected to reach your stop.

More tips

  • Never assume a bus driver sees you. Lampposts, newsstands, sun glare and parked vehicles can obscure driver view.
  • If you bike-n-ride, always approach the bike rack from the curb. When disembarking, let the driver know that you will be removing a bike from the bumper rack.
  • Don’t cross the street between parked cars. 
When you walk between parked cars into traffic, you might not be visible to drivers.

Basic rider etiquette

  • Wait until exiting passengers have stepped off the bus before boarding.
  • Place backpacks on your lap or on the floor, taking care not to create tripping hazards near the aisle.
  • During peak ridership times, slide over so someone can sit on the aisle-side without having to ask.
  • When capacity reaches standing room, move toward the back of the bus so there’s room for others to get on. It's possible to get two lines of people down the aisle of CATS commuter buses.
  • Simple courtesies and an occasional “excuse me,” and “thank you,” go a long way to making the ride more pleasant for everyone.

For questions about campus shuttle service or to report a problem

  • Helena Connors is the transportation manager for Parking and Transportation Services and serves as the operations liaison with Charlotte Area Transit. Here's how to reach her:; 704-687-0279.
  • Charlotte Area Transit customer service: or 704-336-7433
  • The CATS See Something, Say Something App allows you to report things like disruptive behavior, suspicious activity, etc.
  • Tweet @unccparking or @unccnextride
  • Lost and found: Leave something on a campus shuttle bus? All found items are taken to Charlotte Area Transit Lost and Found. Call 704-336-5326 to report a missing item. For items left on SafeRide transportation vehicles, call PaTS at 704-687-0161.