Coming dining changes

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cone Center's Main Street Market, home to a Subway, Bojangles' Express, Use Your Noodle/Sushi with Gusto and Au Bon Pain soups looked like this a couple weeks ago:

Photo of Bojangles' Express in Main Street Market, before demo

And then this happened (on purpose):

Photo of Main Street Market during demolition

Drew Averitt, Facility Planner for Business Services explains, "Main Street Market will be totally new this fall, completing what began with our Subway project a while back." Use Your Noodle/Sushi with Gusto and Bojangles are coming out, Subway is staying and a Panda Express is going in!

Here's what it will look like:

Architectural drawing of Panda Express that will be going into Main Street Market

In addition to serving the delcious dishes that made Panda Express America's fastest growing Chinese restaurant, the area to the right will be a Panda-created sushi concept called Asian Eatery. (More about Panda Expresssee the menu.)

Au Bon Pain soups will continue to be served from an improved well station and an expanded grab-and-go counter will be added, too.

But wait -- what about Bojangles'?

Not to worry! No one would dare take Bojangle's famous chicken 'n biscuits and legendary iced tea away from UNCC!  Instead, Mamma Leone's in the Student Union will go away and an expanded, full menu Bojangles' will take its place. So just in time for football season tailgating, we'll have bone-in chicken and all the other good things Bojangles' has to offer, right here on campus. 

Fingers crossed, Panda and Bo should be ready in time for the start of fall semester.