No place to park? Not so!

Date Published: 
Monday, August 25, 2014

Parking demand was strong on the first day of classes and traffic on narrow campus roads had periods of being beastly. This is normal and expected... and annoying. But now that almost everyone has some kind of parking permit, picked up their books, and settled into a routine, parking patterns and traffic backups are easing.

That said, Union Deck, Lots 18 and 19, East 2 and West Decks are areas that will continue to fill up because they closest to the academic center of campus. Who doesn't want to park as close as they can? A class schedule that is heavily loaded from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Monday - Thursday ensures that once at capacity, those areas will stay packed for several hours.

Campus parking map with high demand parking areas highlighted

If you have an 11:00 am class and don't arrive on campus until 10:30, it's wise to assume that you will not easilly find a place to park in a high-demand area. It's far more likely you'll circle a full deck and be late for class. At peak demand (based on class schedule) the average time to find a parking space in the high-demand lots and decks is 30-45 minutes.

Why not try parking in a lower-demand area like North, South Village, or CRI decks or Lot 6? Every one of those places has plenty of available parking and a shuttle stop nearby. Install the free UNCCNextRide app (available for iOS and Android) to get real-time tracking and ETA of all campus shuttle routes. Many students and staff persons have found that it's easier to park farther out and either walk or take the shuttle.

Campus parking map with lower-demand parking areas highlighed

Try it for one day and see for yourself!

Watch our short video about parking in high demand versus lower demand areas. Parking doesn't have to be ugly. But it can be funny!