Rt. 49 Green Line Shuttle Update

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Rt. 49 Green Line that serves the North end of campus and several stops off campus (including Starlight Theater remote parking, The Flats, 901 Place, UVillage) is often crowded Monday – Thursday mornings. When this or any shuttle reaches maximum standing room, Charlotte Area Transit (CATS) drivers are not permitted to pick up additional passengers and must leave people at remaining stops to wait on the next bus.

From a safety perspective, that makes perfect sense, but from the perspective of someone waiting on the curb when bus whizzes by without stopping, it’s truly annoying!

Starr Wimberly, PaTS Transportation Manager says, “Because the stop by The Flats is the last in-bound stop on the route, passengers waiting there at peak times are more likely to be left if the Green Line is at full capacity. We definitely want to avoid this, so CATS has adjusted the Red Line (Rt. 50) to pick up at Mary Alexander Road and Mary Alexander Place, Monday through Thursday mornings from 7:30 AM until 10:30 AM.”

Gary Caton, PaTS Director, says, “Adding this stop to the Red Line’s morning schedule is a stop-gap measure to ease the Green Line’s morning load. We’re working with CATS to provide a better, more permanent solution to handle the Green Line’s ridership needs.”

 “Unfortunately,” says Wimberly, “some passengers aren’t getting on the Red Line at that stop. It may be because it’s not their usual bus or perhaps they're unsure of where it goes... they don’t take advantage of the ride into campus.”

Residents of The Flats and those who catch the shuttle at Mary Alexander Road and Mary Alexander Place in the morning, please know that the Red Line is stopping there for you. From there the shuttle will go to:

  • Lot 6/6A
  • East Deck 3
  • East Deck 1
  • Parking Services/Auxiliary Services
  • Student Union/CHHS
  • Woodward Hall
  • CRI West
  • CRI East

Have other questions/concerns about campus shuttle service? Please tell us! Your feedback helps improve service. Write starr.wimberly@uncc.edu